Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boggs Jacobson Party

While on vacation in our home town we attended a Welcome Home Party for Sophie Wei which was hosted by Cami and Chris, Wendy and Paul.

This is what we first saw after we stepped into their yard on the way to their front porch (Wendy and Paul's house.) All of our friends helped them by bringing a side or yummy dessert. We had a special time as we all have been friends for years! Rick started school with some of our friends in Kindergarten and I arrived at the beach when I was in first grade. We are blessed with great friends!

Above: Maggie(Paul and Wendy's Daughter), Simone, Madeline(Pual and Wendy's).
The trampoline was a huge hit!

Forgot my shades in the car so we had to go out and get them.
While Amy and I watched all of the children on the trampoline she said that it is neat to see so much history there tonight and I thought that was a good observation...... All of our kids playing with each other. What a neat feeling. It seems like the group keeps growing :O)
It's too early to be sleepy, the party just started Sophie Wei "O)
Mike and Collin.
Below: Reese (Amy and Dan's Daughter).
Above: Trevor, below Luke and their little Sister Breanna (Casey and Summer's Children).
Below: Sara (Scott and Becca's), Sophie Wei, Simone Hope Xu, Simone Anne (Amy and Dan's), Emma (Scott and Becca).
Above: Chelsey(Sum's sister), Summer, Breanna and Becca. Below: Bethanie.
Above: Cami, Sophie Wei and Carrie. Below: Braden (Brad and Carries..I can't believe I did not get a picture of their daughter Cheyane!).

The boys from above left: Brandon, Brad, Chris, Scott, Paul and Rick.

They are sitting in the newely build garage that was attached to the house along with an amazing bonus room above.

The girls above were so tiered from the trampoline. From left: Maggie, Simone and Sara. Check out Simone's cheeks.

Below: Amy and I.
Below: Windy and I.
Below: Becca and I.

Bethanie giving Sophie Wei and Simone some gifts. Tickiling her with an elephant.
Simone had such a blast she fell asleep there in Rick's arms. Hmm....we may purchase a big trampoline???!!!???
Bethanie, Wendy, Cami and I.

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