Friday, July 04, 2008

Nike + iPod, Skype and Girls

I have been wanting this combo for a while now and I am SO happy that I have this new toy now. I am so excited because it is already motivating me big time. Now I just need a few friends to have it too. HINT, HINT, any takers????

What is it?
  1. On the left you see little red sensor shoe insert with a little iPod receiver which is made by Nike. You plug the receiver in to the iPod Nano while working out and the sensor talks to your iPod while working out. You do not need to have the iPod nano on. I set mine down on the tread mill. ($30.00 found at Target, any Nike store, etc.)
  2. On the right you see my new iPod Nano that I NEEDED to make the above system work. ($154.72 that includes tax, Costco is where I purchased mine.)
  3. You also need a pair of Nike shoes that is made specifically for the little red sensor insert to work, I already had that because I needed a new pair of gym shoes before we went to China :O) (I purchased my running shoes at the Nike store for around $65.00)
  4. My Health is worth??? PRICELESS!!!!!!!!
This system monitors your progress just like a tread mill would. You can enter your weight into the iPod program so it gives you an accurate calorie count when working out, measures distance, pace, time, goal setting, distance goal, open-ended workout, talks to you during work out if you want, music set during workout, etc. It is pretty accurate, I have found it to be with in - 0.8 of my tread mills distance report and you can calabrate it to fix, which I will.

The fun part about it is you can upload your information to the Nike web site and view all of your information via charts, etc. You can compete against people all over the world, with friends or do it all by your self.

I first read about this on Shannon Sewell's blog (this link is to her new blog.) Here is a link to the post that I learned about it.

When I first found it I emailed a few of my friends that I knew would love to see this little chart thing and might want to do it with me but sadly we later learned that you needed the sensor, receiver and iPod nano to make all of it work. I have been thinking about it ever since.Thanks Beth and Roxx for encouraging me to keep the system because I was talking with them via Skype (YIPPY we had so much fun talking with you all and the kids! The above photos are from Roxx and Beth, love you guys!!) about it....I was having buyers remorse and was thinking about taking it back......I am not though and so glad they talked me out of it because it has been two days now since I have had the system and I LOVE IT......I will post some graphics after I learned how to download it to blogger.

The only bummer is now you can only have Nike shoes to make it work and they do not work for everyone.

These photos are taken of the girls on July 1st, 2008.

The girls being silly. Simone and Sophie Wei received these dresses from John, Lisa, Alexa and Sophi! They are so cute. Sophie Wei loved her accessories (matching necklaces) so much we can't find them anywhere....I am sure they will find them one day :O)
These two crack each other up and some times can not stop from laughing.

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3 Peanuts said...

You go girl! That is an wful lot of technology for me! But I am so proud of all of your running!!!!