Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sammys 6th Birthday Party

Simone ran into her good friend Lexi in the parking lot. She is such a sweet little girl.
Sammy had his 6th Birthday at JJ Jump. Simone says that "Sammy is my best friend and I love him." She also tells me that "Sammy makes good choices." Sammy attended preschool all day just like Simone, Emma and Lexi. Sammy is the son of Rick's teaching partner Sherry.

Simone had such a great year at preschool this year and made a lot of new friends that she enjoys playing with. All of the kids at the birthday party were from their preschool.

All of Simone's friends are going off to Kindergarten in the fall and she will be back along with John John (that is what she calls him, his name is John) because they both just turned four in April. John's birthday is the day before Simone's! How cool is that. John John will be at school all day with Simone along with her friend Holt. We also know that Simone's friend Emmie B. will be there either in the am or pm part of the day!!!

We had a great time and it was Sophie Wei's first party.
Simone, Sammy and Cole.
This is the fun bounce/basketball area. I spent so much time in here with the kids. See the netting behind Simone?? I was standing very close to there while holding Sophie Wei, taking a brake. Then a ball rolled up by my feet as I was ready to start bouncing again. I bent over to pick it up and must of just went down just so that I fell down and back to the ground. Basically I fell out of the bounce area but not at the same time because the netting caught me. I am so glad that I reacted quickly and held Sophie Wei up as I fell. I pushed her up to Simone as I helplessly laid on the ground. I told Simone to go get Rick because I was STUCK!!!! Ah, stay away from the edge!!!!!!!!!!
Wow this is so much fun!!!
Sophie Wei wanted to try this slide and her smile on her face was priceless.
Daddy went with her since I was a little worn out from the bounce area.

This one is so high. I can not believe that she did it!! We were here just a few months ago for Lauren's Birthday party and Simone would not go up here. What a difference a few months make.
Happy Girl.

Simone was not liking the little party favor that made noise!! It was so funny when she plugged her ears. Emma looks at her and smiles.

Above is John John. Below is Macy and Lexi.
Below is Christopher.

Below: Emma, Simone and Anne.
Simone was telling Sammy about the drawings she made for him and he listened patiently. Then he put his hand up to his ear to show her he did not hear her. What a sweet little boy!
Here Sammy is showing everyone the card Simone signed and the kids got a kick out of the card because when you opened it it made a train whistle sound. Simone said that "Sammy likes Thomas The Train why I need to get him this card."

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