Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ron's New Toy

Yippy, Ron's new toy!
Rick's cousin Ronnie came up today to purchase his new motorcycle from our friends Janet and Don. He is so excited. We also got to meet his friend Brad. Rick was also so excited to ride his new motorcycle back to our house after he purchased it :O)

It was so cute listening to Sophie Wei try to say Cousin Ronnie and watching the girls watch the boys load the motorcycle up.

Congrats Ronnie we know you have wanted a motorcycle for a long time now!!

We are so excited because tomorrow we are having Rick's Mom Maureen and Nephew Brandon over for the day!!! We are so excited about that too! This will be Brandon's first time visiting with Sophie Wei and Simone adores him.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait till you do that little citizen post too!! haha You are so sweet! Congrats to Ron on the new toy!! Looks like a blast! I love that side photo of the tulips and the princess!
wE ARE STILL ATTHE BEACH BUT wanted to say hi,
Sharon and Bailey