Thursday, July 10, 2008

Visit With The Girls

Merissa, Sophie Wei, Emalee and Simone.
Today after breakfast Simone made a card for her friend Holly Wen and Sophie Wei colored and took all of the wrapping off of the coloring crayons, just like Simone did when she was little.
This is how Simone writes her cards.
SO cute!
We had so much fun at the Landers Home! They have a great back yard and I adore their girls. They are so sweet, kind and funny.
I had the pleasure to be their PE Teacher this year for one day!

All the way home Simone wanted to have more of their snack!!
"Can I just have a little bit more brownie?"

Sophie Wei is trying to figure out the jump rope thing.
It did not last long.
Patti holding Sophie Wei.
Thanks girl for the fun afternoon!

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