Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cabin Day 2

Since Don and Janet's cabin was so close to Beaver Bay we loaded back up and headed down their for the afternoon to visit our friends who were camping down there.

The view at Beaver Bay is just as good. Sophie Wei was not liking to put her feet into the water for a long time.

Below, Becca, Simone and Sara out on the raft.
Simone loves to play with the wet sand!

As the day went on Simone got braver on the raft. Trying to keep up with Sara :O)
Emma taking Alexia and Nick out for a ride.

Lew finally settling down on Brandon. Simone and Sierra telling Lew to be quiet.

Brandon and Rick coming back after a ride.

Alexia and Emma doing log tricks.
The daddy's in the background showing them "how to do it".

I took the girls out for a while.

Simone standing on the raft. This is a first.....

It has been so great to spend time with our Nephew Brandon again!
He is such a sweet, lovable young man and great cousin.
Nick stepped on glass and hurt his foot pretty bad. So the girls looked on, very concerned about him while his Dad and Aunt Nicki help him.
Brandon was playing with the girls while we loaded up to head back to the cabin.
When we got back we went back down to the beach. Simone was in heaven when it was her turn to ride with Brandon!!!
"Hey, dinner!" We had been having so much fun we needed to stop and eat :O)

Then back to the beach

Then smores again!!

We made this on the BBQ and sat on the porch of the cabin.
Listening to the squirrels and birds. Fun times!

We had a great Vacation thanks to Janet and Don. There cabin is located in such a beautiful part of our state next to so much history. A great place to be as a family, visit friends, relax, eat smores, have fun and learn about the forest and Mt. St. Helens........Great memories here.

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