Friday, August 01, 2008

We Are Home

We are home now from our two vacations :O)

One at the beach where my my Mother In-Law and Father-In-Law had a little Welcome Home Party for Sophie Wei and then the Bogg's and Jacobson's hosted a Welcome Home Party for Sophie Wei too where we got to spend time with our long time friends!! Then I celebrated my 34th Birthday there too. After the long stay we came home, did laundry and left again to stay at Janet and Don's cabin on Mt. St. Helens. At first I thought we were crazy for doing these two big trips together but it all worked out.

Just in case your wondering where we have been and why we have not been returning phone calls.......It was nice not being able to use the lap top or cell phone for days :O)

I purchased a new memory card reader but for some reason it does not work on my lap top??? I think it is due to the new Vista program!! So I have a lot of photos to post soon.......

We have been having a blast. Both trips were memorable and I can't wait to post the photos!

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