Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sophie Wei's First Hair Cut, Dentist and Open House

Today Simone and Sophie Wei went to the Dentist!! They both did very well with their new Dr. Peter. We were impressed with the whole office staff and assistants. It is a very magical place. They listened to every thing that I said about Simone and took their time. I could tell that they did read the form I filled out and talked Simone through what was going on. Simone did have some major anxiety which is fine and no surprise. We first started out on a bench and then tried to go to the chair but Simone started to fuss and Dr. Peter said lets just go back to the bench.....He showed Simone his gloves, told her why he wears them, counted his fingers and then hers. Then he asked her if she wanted to see his princess mirror. He showed her his little mirror and asked her if she saw a princess in there. Simone said no and he replied, "see Princess Simone" and she giggled. She did not fuss too much when he looked at her teeth. She has a little cavity so we will be back next week for him to fix it. He went over our options for next time so Simone will be comfortable.

Sophie Wei was enjoying pushing a little baby stroller all over the place but did stay close and out of everyone's way that was working. Our assistant Tara was very helpful and sweet too. Dr. Peter asked me to count in Mandarin. The second time we did it he did it too! Very impressive and smart. Sophie Wei did fine until he looked into her mouth, she cried like crazy. She has two pockets that need to be watched but he told us that her mouth and gums look better and that we do not have to worry about hurting her when we brush her teeth so go ahead. Since Sophie Wei cries like crazy when we brush her teeth he told me to even not put toothpaste on there because that might help. Maybe it is the toothpaste that is causing her grief. I think we were in there for 1.5 hours, loved it because we did not feel rushed. It was also nice to see Sherry there who is a Mom to two of my former students who I enjoyed so much! Sherry also helped make Simone's transition today a smooth one. Glad our dentist Dr. Sheel referred us to him, he was right on and Dr. Peter is a good fit for the girls.Open house was at my school today and if felt very strange not being there. Don't get me wrong, I love being home with the girls. I have started school every fall since I was in Kindergarten!! Weird when you think of it. I have always had my first day of school ever fall. I am lucky to have a great teaching partner, Paula and a great long term sub, Laura! They have been very helpful through all of this. I also miss my friends that I work with, I know already.

Being with Sophie Wei these next few days before her surgery are very important and we feel so blessed that her pediatrician and social worker felt that it was important that I stay home with her so her transition into her surgery would be smooth. They were correct about how she would react to the changes that were coming up. Since Rick and I have spent time at work here and there she has been going through some night sleep issues, waking up in the middle of the night. Sophie Wei asks all day long, "where dadde go? or dadde?"

Tomorrow we go back to the surgeons again to discuss more about Sophie Wei's surgery. I have a list full of questions and I am sure we will learn a lot more. Not sure if they will do any blood work??

This evening we went to meet Sophie Wei's preschool teacher at her 3 year old preschool. We still will not know the results of her Child Find Testing for a few more days. We do know that they would like to do more testing for Occupational Therapy and Motor Development. The speech specialist said she is going to test her again in six months after she has had more time to adjust to the language here. She said that we should ask the Pediatrician to check and make sure her palate has been formed correctly because her voice sounds a little nasally. Probably nothing. Her teacher is so sweet and loving. We know she will have a great year there. Sophie Wei will be starting there after her cast is removed so probably around the second week of November???

Simone was so excited today to go to her preschool. She is attending the same preschool as last year so things are very familiar for her. She also has one friend John John returning from last year, Holt and Emmie will be there this year. We are excited for her to have another great year. We really love her teachers!!We had a very busy day. We also stopped by Janet's on the way home to sneak in a quick hair cut for the girls. We wanted to cut Sophie Wei's hair before her surgery so it will be easy to care for plus it needed it. Rachel also went with us so that was fun. Janet is so good to us. We had not given the girls dinner yet because we had been so busy so she had snacks for them and a little chocolate for them so they would sit still for her to cut their hair. Both of the girls look great with their hair cuts, plus it is always good to see Janet and her family. Rick took the girls home for dinner and I stayed with Rachel so I could visit with the girls. Then Rachel took me out to Sushi for my birthday and we had a great time just visiting.

Today as we left the Dentists office Sophie Wei went to sit down on a little bench in the foyer. Then Simone copied her. There was a ray of warm sunshine coming in through a skylight on the girls. I say, "Whawho, Whaaawho, You two did a great job at the dentist today, Whaawho" as I raise my hands and shake my shoulders and hips. I look behind me and a girl, a little younger than me walked by. I was slightly embarrassed and said sorry. She said to me, "I wish I had a Mom like you."

My eyes filled up with tears as I thought to me self, I am just so blessed to BE A MOM!

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