Friday, August 29, 2008

My Work Outs

I finished my four week challenge of running 100 miles a few days ago.

I ended up finishing 61.11

I am bummed that I did not meet my goal but I feel it is a great starting point. Some thing to build off of. I am actually glad that I have done that much since I have been feeling a lot of stress the past few weeks while I have been getting ready for my long term sub (which I am so blessed to have Laura), doctors visits, etc.

I am now off for a new challenge because I will need it to keep me focused on working out during the next few weeks. Especially around Sophie Wei's surgery time where I will need the work outs to help with the anxiety that I am sure I will have since I have already started having some since I have not been working out.


I need to get back into shape anyways so I can do the Race for The Cure in a few week's with my buds, Bethanie, Becca, Rachel, Jill and Nixon.

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