Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lauren For The Day

Since Mike and Rachel have been so busy with getting their house ready to sell we had Lauren over for the day. We had so much fun. The girls enjoyed giggling, eating cookies and playing dress up.

Simone and Lauren had so much fun playing dress up that they did not even want to help make Cowboy Cookies. Sophie Wei loved helping me make them and eat as many ingredients as possible.

The girls busy playing.
We had plans to attend the local Park Concert with Sue and Matthew. The Rockeroo's (spelling?) were playing and we had so much fun. Becca and Jenn and their kids decided to join us later this afternoon. Glad they decided to go with us because we had a blast!

From left: Simone, Lauren, Emma, Sara and Ellie.
Then I decided that I needed a photo with all the kids going to the concert so I would not have to bring my camera. Sophie Wei was not so excited about my idea.

Reece, Avery, Simone, Lauren, Emma, Sara, Ellie and Sophie Wei in front.

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Erika said...

Will you post the recipe for Cowboy cookies??? YUMMMM....