Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Watson BBQ

The Watson's had us over for a fun BBQ today.
We had a blast visiting with long time friends!
See the table cloth below? When I went to Target to purchase one like this one, this is where Becca purchased hers, there were NONE left! I guess next year I have to purchase them right when they come out!! After that I searched IKEA, Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond and could not find any. It is just a bummer that it is still summer and I can't find a fun summer table cloth!

Jenn's dog is so good with the kids!! Simone LOVED IT!


Sophie Wei loves her Uncle Scott!

Simone loves holding baby Avery and so do I. She is so swee

Simone took the above and below photo! Just like her Mommy, loves the camera, some times :O)
Simone also took this photo

Me, Jenn and Becca.
I love seeing the girls play like this.
Reece and Ellie.
Here, this is how you do it.
Like this?
Try no hands?!?
Simone and Reece really hit it off and liked playing with each other.
Sophie Wei messing around with Rick's hat.
Jessica holding her Niece Avery.

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