Friday, September 05, 2008

Anna and Tracy

Today we had a great visit with our friends Tracy and Anna!

They brought the cutest gift for Sophie Wei.

It is a book called Princesses Rule! Three Not-So-Typical Princess Stories by Carmela LaVigna Coyle. It is so sweet and fun with great photos. We read parts of this book before bed. Simone loved it and Sophie Wei kept pointing at the photos! Here is a link to more books by this author that you can find on Amazon.

Bubble Fun! It was nice to spend time with them today and just relax.
Tracy also surprised us with a very special gift from her and my friends Mary, Cheryl and Carrie!! They gave us a gift certificate for Dream Dinners to help us out during Sophie Wei's surgery next week!! When I opened the card I almost started crying because they are so generous and thoughtful to think of our family.....We are so blessed.
Tracy was so nice to offer to take Simone to Chinese Classes for us during the week. Simone listened when she asked and did not say much....

I was thinking to my self, she might just do it with out me because she really likes Tracy and Anna......

Then Tracy and I started to talk about other things when all of a sudden Simone asks Anna, "do you have an extra car seat?"

I looked at Tracy with big eyes because I thought that sealed the deal, she is going to do this and this would be HUGE.....I am also thinking to myself how wonderful for Simone to have this while Sophie Wei is in her Spica Cast and after during recovery.

BUT as Tracy and Anna were leaving they asked again and she said no. After they left Simone said that she "just does not want to be with out Mommy."

Almost, Simone is trying to branch off but just is not ready yet....Maybe soon but on her terms and when she is ready.

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Tracy Woods said...

I love the photos. It was so nice to see you. Hope Sophie Wei is doing well. We are thinking of you.
Tracy and Anna.