Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Simones First Day Back To Preschool

Simone on her first day of preschool!

My camera was not working this morning. I was so bummed because Simone was so willing for me to take pictures of her. These photos were taken when we came to pick her up. Simone is still so excited about the monkey bars.

Simone picked out her outfit. She still loves tights even though it was in warm today. She picked out her Nike's because she told me they work best on the play structure.
After the monkey bars we went inside to gather her things. Here she is standing by her cubby with her Daddy.

Simone brought her blanky from Auntie Rachel, her "scary" kitty, backpack and small pink pillow.

It was so great to see Simone's teachers again!

We also received a home - school connection letter today from her teacher.

All About Simone Today:

During free play, I mostly chose:
  • science corner
  • computer lab
  • library
  • motor area/ball pit
  • marbleworks
I participated in circle by:
  • sitting appropriately
  • listening attentively
  • answering questions
  • singing songs
For snack I had:
  • water
  • fruit roll-ups
Outside I chose to:
  • play on play structure
Today I played with: Julia, Evan, Kalina, Karley and Holt.

Story today: Read-Along Nursery Rhymes
Extras: Awesome 1st Day!

We enjoy reading these and appreciate the time that her teacher takes to fill these out. It will be fun to pull out her first one from last years first week of school.

Going home.
Here is a picture of the cake that Sophie Wei and I made for Simone's surprise when she arrived home from her first day.

While we were eating dinner later this evening she said, "thank you for my surprise cake." It melted my heart!

Sophie Wei enjoyed me singing the "Happy First Day of School" song. Simone was sleepy from her long day and trying not to smile.

Simone trying not to fall asleep.

Rick had to hold onto Sophie Wei because she was getting so close to the candles :O)
Simone wanted to cut the cake so we let her.

Simone wanted me to take a photo of her cavity that had been "fixed."

Here is the gause that she had to put into her mouth so she would not bite her lip.

We are so proud of you today Simone. You did a great job at school and at the dentist. We love you so much.

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