Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Special Day For Simone and Where Are They

Today was a big day for Simone and Rick. They both went back to school today. Simone also had a big dentist appointment this morning. We were so blessed that the doctors office was able to get us into day so we can have her cavity fixed before Sophie Wei's surgery. I think the world of Dr. Peters office and his assistant Tara. Simone went back crying but was finished after five minutes.
Sophie Wei was a mess today, trying to figure out where her Daddy and Sister "Mone" was?????? Actually quit cranky and whinny but that's ok she is going through a lot right now.

Sophie Wei and I baked a surprise cake for Simone for her first day back to preschool. We made a Cherry Chip Cake with White Chocolate/Cool Whip spread in the middle. Sophie Wei was a big helper and eater :O)

A few days ago when we were in Michale's she told me she liked yellow for a color of a cake and these Dora cake decorations so I grabbed them for our big day today.

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