Thursday, October 09, 2008

Conversation in an Email

Last night I sent out an email to a some friends. While I was replying to one I asked Simone if she had any thing to say to her former teacher Jen. Her is what she wanted me to type:

"Love. I love teacher Jen. I want to go to dinner. I know you can give me a big hug. Today. I know it hard to come here and that's ok. Spell that. i love my friend Sammy, he's in kindergarten now, know why? It's still dark, still autumn and Halloween is coming over. hope sophie gets through it, we will make it. we got Halloween decorations up, that's why. after school when i see mommy I'll get teacher jen a big hug. that's it and i love teacher jen, i hope sophie gets better it's ok, well get through."

That will be the last time I ask her what she needs me to type while I have sophie wei on my lap and can only type w/ 1 hand. i thought she would never stop talking. I love Simone and appreciate her thoughtfulness and ability to talk so much :O)

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Roxanne Kristina said...

Beth has a new blog!!! I am so excited and I just love her web designer! :0) He, he.

Here is her new blog name:
A small gift, but well-timed.

Here is her new blog address: