Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Race for the Cure - BRAND NEW ATTITUDE

Bethanie and I participated in the 5k Run - Race For The Cure along with Becca, Scott, Emma and Sara who participated in the 5k Walk - Race For The Cure.This day started a little hard because I had to leave Sophie Wei but I knew that she was fine with her Daddy and Simone. I left Sophie Wei and Simone for a short time the day before so we could sign up.

All six of us drove down together and I am happy that Becca was able to grab these photos of us all. I hope that next year Simone might want to do this with us since she will be older, wow she will be 5!!....who knows that if she keeps going the way she is she just might run it with Auntie Bethanie and I :O)

I am also so proud of Becca for setting this as a goal and just doing it!! She has worked so hard!

Here is a photo of my little God Daughter, Emma, growing way too fast!

My goal this year was to run an 8 minute mile and try to keep up with Bethanie. I had been working hard the last few months on this. Due to getting ready for Sophie Wei's surgery and my long term sub I stopped working out the day before Sophie Wei's surgery and only had one run in a couple of days before the race.

I always get a little emotional before the start of the race. Seeing all of the Cancer Survivors and everyone else there supporting such a great cause!

This year was especially emotional for me because of Sophie Wei's surgery and every thing that has been going on at home during Sophie Wei's recovery. Also my Aunt Janet is fighting her battle with cancer that she started over 8 years ago......

Also emotional because Bethanie and I also have been doing this since collage. (I can't remember what year we started doing this but I have all of my bib's in my office at work so I will update this portion after I go back to work, for memorie sake.) Anyways, there was a year or two that I did not run this race due to being out of shape and having the blues while waiting for our first child to arrive. I also think there was one year we did not do it due to snow??!!?? Anyways this is a special time for Bethanie and I because I can spend a weekend together with a childhood friend that I love so much. This even also lands around Bethanie's Birthday so we took her out to dinner to celebrate this year which was our first big event after Sophie Wei's surgery. We usually go shopping on 23rd but none of that this year due to me not being able to be away for that long but that is ok, it is only for one time. We can make up for it next year.

Got a little side tracked there, back to the race.

Bethanie told me that I could set the pace and she would stay with me which I was silently glad because I needed her with me..I needed the support. She knew about my recent lack of work outs and that I was not stopping once before the finish line.

I am a pretty balanced person and can keep my mind focused. Those of you that know me know that I am also a quite competitive person when it comes to sports. I turn it on when I need to, when the time is right.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Time to GO!

I started out the race pretty focused, singing to my self in my head one of my new motivational songs, So What By Pink.....Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na........I got a Brand NEW ATTITUDE AND I AM GOING TO WEAR IT TONIGHT! .....SO WHAT, I'M still A ROCK STAR. I GOT MY ROCK MOVES.......... I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU TONIGHT I'M ALRIGHT....CHECK MY FLOW.......I love the beat of this song and some of the verses. Especially that I have a new attitude towards life and I felt like we are going to show that Spica Cast that it is not going to get the best of us and we will make it through this trying time.

I am feeling pretty good and Bethanie tells me of a new breathing technique which I try and like but need more practice. Not the time for that today.

We reach the one mile marker and Bethanie tells me that I was not going to believe this but we finished in 8 minutes. Great pace.

A head of us there are cheerleaders on the side of the street. Motivating and causes my mind to think of Sophie Wei for some reason. I get a little emotional but snap out of it.

Two miles still doing fine but can't remember what time we were at?

See a parent of three of my former students just ten yards a head of me. This makes me very happy because she is in great shape :O)

Then at about the 2.5 mile mark you can not see the finish line but you can hear the "home streatch" crowd. Bethanie tells me we are almost there. I told her that I needed to slow down because I did not want to stop because I was getting so emotional and started to hyperventilate.....
Never in my life have I ever done that in a sporting event! I have only done that once when I tried to do spray on tanning at a tanning salon.....Becca's idea, well ok, maybe it was mine.......Yes, I hyperventilated while getting a spray on tan! I think I was thinking of that Friends Episode where Ross does the same thing while he gets his spray on tan.......

Back to the race.

I ask Bethanie to stay with me and she did. I have tears going down my face as I cross the finish line.

No strong sprint like I wanted.....had the slowest last 800 meter or so time the world but that's not what mattered.

Our time was 28:19.

Not bad for my little episode, tears and not being able to finish my training, not to mention the lack of sleep that I have been through the week or more before this event.

What mattered is that I finished, my bud stayed with me and our daughter will be making it through this medical chapter too. Sophie Wei is my hero. Having gone through so much in her short three years of life. Birth family making a choice to find her a new home, struggling her first few months of life, being casted for club feet six times, wearing a brace every evening and throughout the night, meeting a new family, moving to a new country, learning a new language, eating new food, having surgery, recovery. She is resilient, a blessing, a child of God. I am one blessed Mommy to have two beautiful daughters and an amazing husband.

Bethanie rubs pats me on my back and asks if I am ok?

I say choked up to say to my self and wishing I had my i pod,

"I've Got a NEW ATTITUDE!"

Now time to check out the vendors booths.

Bethanie, next year I vote we wear our I PODS :O)

Next year my husband can hold my daughter Sophie Wei's hand while she STANDS at the finish line.....Ma
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ybe Simone will run it too or stand next to Rick at the finish line too.....Just thinking of it gives me happy tears.

16 days LEFT!
Sunday September 19th, 2008

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beautiful. so glad I was a part of it with you, even though I didn't get to run.
Love ya girl