Thursday, October 16, 2008

Loving Memory of Aunt Janet

Early this morning my Brother called me to tell me that my Beloved Aunt Janet passed away this morning. Then a few minutes later my Dad called me at the Sophie Wei's Doctors office and I was so sad that I could not be there to give them both a big hug!!
I will miss her smile, she is gone way too early.

We know she is at peace in Heaven and in no more pain!

My Aunt Janet will be missed by so many of her family members!

You know last night I had my First GOOD night with Sophie Wei, first good night of sleep with her only fussing twice!

God gave me a chance to sleep so I could be prepared for today.

Today I hold everyone a little tighter and be thankful for my life.
Here is my Aunt Janet the day she first met Simone in February of 2007. Look at her smile, I remember that she always had one and if she did not she was just "joken around!"

This morning I also took Sophie Wei into her pediatrician,, who we love, respect and adore!!! We had a long talk about about night terrors, wondering if she is in pain, tantrum or having terrors, etc. We talked for a long time and then he examined Sophie Wei. He said, "Well Mom I know what part of her problem is.....(as he brings out this huge, greenish/brownish/tanish, ugly ball of wax out of her right ear)......she has a bad ear infection!" So we are on antibiotics now. Maybe these last 8 days might go better.

Simone also was so amazing today in the Doctors office. The first time I looked over and saw her gently holding Sophie Wei's hand as she was on the exam table I almost started crying because she was so caring and Sophie Wei was letting her hold her hand. When we changed positions she was doing it again. I am so proud of her that the love we show her is shinning through! I love to see them being this way and I am so happy that they will have what my Brother Jason and I had growing up together and a friend for life. This time has also been hard on Simone, lots of tears, whining, feeling left out......She knows that it will all be worth it in the end, for the blessing that Sophie Wei will walk pain free one day :O) It was nice for us to have a sweet tender moment.

Thank you everyone for checking in to see how our family is doing. I hope you all remember to tell those you love how you feel!

Take care,


Denise said...

I am so sorry about your Aunt and will be praying for you~

So sweet of Simone to be taking care of her little sister like that.

Hoping and praying that sleep will happen for everyone tonight!!

Elizabeth said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt. You are absolutely correct, we all need to hold tight to those close to us.

I'm so glad to hear Simone is "holding tight" to Sophie. You are blessed!

I love you, my friend. Hang in there with the sleeping. It will get better.

I'll call you this weekend and see when we can swing by again.

3 Peanuts said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you get some more good sleep.