Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hot Pot

On 10/14/08 Susan and Dan had us over for dinner. We had a traditional dinner called Hot Pot. It was a hit with our whole family, especially Simone!!! Her favorites were the fish balls and noodles. It was so yummy and healthy.

You can see the "hot pot" on the right of the above photo.

Sophie Wei was still in her cast so the fun brought some sunshine during a hard time.

I am finally able to post these photos today but what a good day to do it because this evening Susan took me shopping at a local International Supermarket called Fubonn's so I could purchase food so we could do our own hot pot at home. I had such a great time and learned a lot!!! Although we have searched EVERY where for a hot pot like Dan and Susan's we can not find one so we will be doing ours on the stove and then putting the pot in the middle of our table. Can't wait to try it this weekend!! Thanks Susan.

Simone asked us the other day if we could, "go to Fubonn's" just because. She enjoys our time when we go there and to the other shops outside.

Simone and Noah hanging, playing with the Computer.


Jessica Ullom said...

Hey Michele, that food looks yummy! I just searched on Amazon for "Chinese Hot Pot" and found several! Try this and if it doesn't work just go to Amazon and search for it :)

Brynn said...

HI Houstons! How is Sophie's recovery going? What are ya'll doing for the holidays this year? Halloween pictures are so cute.. btw, what was Scott for halloween? a hippie?

I am still very impressed with your blog... love the design and am so grateful for all the pictures and updates!!!! thinking of you every day - love, brynn <3

Brynn said...

Hi Houstons! How is Sophie doing on recovery? I loved the halloween pictures, you guys all looked so cute! btw, what was Scott Watson dressed as? a hippie? (hehe)

So - what are ya'll doing for the holidays? i'm going to Chicago this year.. would love to see you!

I am still very impressed by your blog, loving the style.. and am sooooo grateful for the pictures & updates!!! Thank you - sis you kick butt!!

thinking of you every day, <3 brynn

Sharon said...

Wow! How great to ahve friends who can pull off that fancy cooking!! Where did they even get that pot!?

The girls are lovely and I hope the arm mends fast. Barrington broke his at 4 yrs falling off a bunk at a church retreat with his dad two feet away! We were in the mountains and had a long drive to the hospital. I know you went through an ordeal with your little one so hurt.

I am saying a prayer...and not the die before you wake version, haha

Tracy Woods said...

Hi Michele, that food looks wonderful! It looks like a great time. I will have to research making that for my family, Anna would love it! Tracy