Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pilgrim Hat

Our little Pilgrims wearing the hat that Simone made today at preschool.
Rick was making chocolate truffles with the girls when I arrived home from work.
Simone working on her dramatic faces, you are so silly!

The above photo was taken by Simone just as I arrived home from work today.

This is one of the faces that Sophie Wei learned from Simone.
Around three years ago my friend Andrea passed down some clothes for Simone. Now that Sophie Wei has out grown some of them I brought them back to Andrea today so she could pass them to her Niece. (This above dress is one of the few outfits that still fits, well that I am hoping will last through the Christmas Season.)

For some reason I started to tear up as I dropped off the boxes in her class room. My friend Andrea L. was also there and I felt a little silly but they understood. There is some thing about being "done" with the little clothes and knowing our girls can no longer fit into them. If these clothes could talk and share ever thing they have been through :O)

I know these are only clothes but there is some thing about knowing I will not be saving them for our next little one.

How thankful are we to have shared these clothes from the McCarty's as well the hand me downs from the Hettinger's. We have also been blessed with sharing clothes from the the Watson's and Wilbur's. Hopefully they will still want to share High School formal dresses........But I can wait for that one!!!


Stefanie said...

How CUTE are those faces!!?? And a husband who makes truffles???
Much to be thankful for this year :)
Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Andrea said...

You're right. If only clothes could talk. I am so glad you have been able to use those clothes. Can't wait to pass them on to Kaitlyn!