Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookie Party

Sue and Matthew had us over today for a cookie decorating party. We had so much fun!! We enjoyed decorating cookies, eating warm chili and cornbread, yummy snacks and time visiting with friends while it was snowing like crazy outside!

Below is Sophie Wei's first cookie that she made with my help. Then Simone's which she did all by her self.

Our friends Arun, Tristan, Kayla and Mary Jo were also there.

Sara, Me and Emma. (I had some extra time today so I straightened my hair....It took way too long although it was fun to see Simone and Sophie Wei's reaction to it this way. Simone said, "I did not know who you were!!"
The kids singing Rodolph the Red Nose Reindeer!

Sue, Becca, Me and Sophie Wei.

The kids went around the house for at least twenty minutes acting like Dinosaurs!Silly pictures as we are getting ready to venture out and make it home through the snow.

Sophie Wei loves her Uncle Scott....she wanted him on the way home, she wanted him when we stopped at Safeway....she wanted him when we got home and Simone took her carrots from her........She loves him!
When we arrived home we had to play outside for a while and check out our neighbors new Saint Bernard puppy.
Simone wanted to put hair pretties on Lew again!

Sophie Wei loves to have her sunglasses on as much as possible!!

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