Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sophie Wei Officially Potty Trained!!

Just before Sophie Wei's surgery she was almost fully potty trained but understandably regressed after words.....We tried so hard to get her ready for preschool but we had been blessed with teachers who understood.........It was time to start preschool and not potty trained......So we have been encouraging her and cheering for her to become potty trained but it has not come together until now!!


Ever since Sophie Wei started preschool she has shown way more INTEREST in going to the bathroom for her teachers! Great. Thank you Teachers because I think you motivated her in some way because she was not going to do it for us.

She still wore her diapers to preschool up till January 14th. Since Simone had a fever and eye infection we had to keep her home the last two days of the week and that helped seal the deal for Sophie Wei. We even took her to the doctors office with out diapers!!!

Officially, as of January 15th Sophie Wei is potty trained and she is doing wonderful!!

(She still wears them at night but has had dry diapers for a few naps and night times so maybe that is here too????)


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efriddle said...

Way to go, I always feel so accomplished as a mom when I can say "my whole family is potty trained".

Welcome back to the world of blogging. I love your blogs. I miss you and Rachel. I get jealous that my cousin gets to be friends in the same school and town as you. We should plan a play date in Vancouver. I'd love to see you and your girls and Rachel and Rebecca with their kiddos, and of course the McCartys.

Lets do it.