Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kindergarten Orientation

Today Simone went to Kindergarten Orientation. I can't believe it is time already for her to do this.

When we arrived at school Simone started getting upset because she wanted to go with Auntie Becca who was taking care of Sophie Wei and did not want to go to the Kindergarten Orientation because she is "shy and does not know anyone besides Matthew." She also had it in her mind that Sophie Wei was going to the Hettinger's but since Reagan was sick we had a last minute change of plans. Simone is a planner.

We did have some time with her in the cafeteria before we had to go into the gym for the parents portion. Since I also work at the school I had to do a brief speech about PE so I was also trying to mentally prep for that. Talking in front of a large group of adults is a lot harder for me than teaching the children ;)

Simone was upset when we went in and cried a lot when we left her so we could go into the gym for the parents informational time. But my teacher friends told me she settled down after a while.

Change and being with people she does not know very well are hard for her but she was a trooper.

After we were done with the Principals presentation we were able to pick up our kids and then head to the school bus for a BUS RIDE!! Simone loved this part.

Here is our Little "Prune Hill Penguin In Training". (She made this cute little hat while we were in the meeting. Simone said, "they did some other things too." )

Not so shy after she gets home.

Silly girl.
Simone we are so proud of you today!!
It was hard for you to be with new people but you met some new friends and we know you will like Kindergarten after you get use to it.

I am also very excited to have Simone going to school where I work. I love my school and the staff!!! She is going to receive such a great education here. The next 6 years of her schooling will be SO Much FUN because our school is filled with so many FUN teachers that do exciting things.

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Ohilda said...

What precious, precious pictures!!! And how cool that they give them a bus ride! WOOHOOO!!!!