Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Beginnings

Time for me to start taking care of myself again, trying to make time to eat right and work out. Things have been crazy busy around here and stressful so now is the time. Rick's track season ended and now he has no practice this week so here I go....School is very busy but I need the exercise so I de-stress and feel better.

It has been since August 2008 that I have been in good shape and have gained around 34 pounds since then, ughhhggg! Thanks to some friends (Andrea M, Jill, Kris and Mandy) I signed up for a half marathon in October so I better get moving and eating better.

I thought I would start my mileage goal a bit lower so I can obtain it and try to work out four days a week.

Here goes, I have my IPod loaded with new motivated songs....thanks facebook friends.

I can do it.

UPDATE- I just finished my work out and tried to upload my IPOD to Nike but it did some thing crazy, lost my work out and says my last work out was July of 2008!!! I love technology, it motivates me in this case but other times makes no sense!! At least I did not lose my tunes! Double UGHHHGGG!


Lifestyle Photography said...

I'm so proud of you for getting started! Yay for you!!!

Tracy Ann said...

You'll do great! If you ever need someone to walk with, give me a call.