Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Year Ago Today

Sophie Shi Wei, One year ago today you walked into our lives and it has been a blessing since! I will never forget arriving at your Orphanage. It was big and grand. I could pinch myself because I could not believe I was going to be a Mommy again.

I have so many photos that I love from that day. Here are a few of my favorites.

Holding you for the first time. You were so tiny and full of life.
Your Daddy was in love already.
We were blessed to meet one of your Ayi's.
And two of your good friends.
You meet your big Sister Simone (Jei Jei).You meet your Grandma Prater.
Over the last year you have brought us so much joy.

You turn three years old.You have surgery to repair your acetabulum on your pelvis by using a bone graft from your femur and had your femur back in place (hip displasia.)
(1. Right peri-acetabular Pemberton osteotomy.
2. Right proximal femur shortening osteotomy.
3. Right hip capsulorrhaphy.
4. Application of right hip spica cast. 6 weeks.)

Surgery was ruff but we made it through.
We learned that Popsicles make you happy and that you like them.
You attend preschool full time in January with Sister Simone because both Mommy and Daddy are at work full time.
You meet lots of your family and friends.
You are so silly.
You and your Sister love each other so much.

You make us all laugh.
You are so sweet and everyone likes you and you love chewing gum.

You like to call your self "a princess."

You prefer skirts over dresses, no socks, silly faces and enjoy "hitting" anyone or objects as you walk by.

You love to Dance. You tell us that you want to do Ballet "with out Mommy and Daddy" and "NO Crying."
At the end of April we learned from your Surgeon that your acetabulum is progressing and growing. The blood supply to your pelvis and femur area look good. Your limb difference is 1.5 cm difference. We receive a lift insert to put inside your gym shoes to help you walk/run. It does help you and keeps you from falling down so much. You no longer need to wear the Dennis Brown Bar for your club feet therapy. We do not have to go back to the surgeon for one year unless we have any concerns. We will not have to have surgery to have your hardware(metal plate and four screws at the top of the femur) taken out. Our Surgeon said that if it was his kid he would leave it in. The only time it would be a concern is if you brake your leg in that spot and when you go through the metal detector in the airport. What a blessing.

Sophie Wei below last week. She painted her face all "BY MYSELF!"
I will never forget these two photos above. They mean more as time goes by.

If you look closely you are skwirmming out of my arms. It was time to go and we wanted to snap a few more photos. As I set you down you went back to the hallway behind me. It is where all of your friends were due to the earthquake a few weeks prior.

You cried and I teared up as I picked you up again.

You did not want to go. You liked us but we were strangers.

We were taking you away from your only home you have ever known.

Your friends and toys.

Your Ayi's.

Your food and smells.

Your language.

Your bed and your school.

Your Homeland.

We hope you always know how much we wanted you and prayed for you.

Your our sweet little girl.

We will never forget your family in China and your heritage.

We promise to take you back as often as we can.

I love these photos my Mom took right after we left the Orphanage. We were trying to go slow and comfort Sophie Wei the best we could. Letting her grieve.
Following her lead.

Today I am remembering your story and ours.

Our family coming together.

We love you so much Sophie Shi Wei.

Love Forever, Mommy


Roxanne Kristina said...

xoxoxox!!! Luv u!!!! -R

Jewels of My Heart said...

I can't believe your precious Sophie Wei has been home for a year..... How fast time goes by. Your girls are so beautiful and oh, so sweet. What a blessing they are.
Happy gotcha day.

K said...

Wow! Both of your girls are so beautiful! I loved reading your post. I hope we can see each other this summer!