Friday, August 14, 2009


Liz, Julia, Sophie, Rick, Simone, Zack, Pat and Dani.

Liz, Julia, Dani, Pat, Zack. Columbia River Gorge.
Below: Cousins, Dani, Sydney, Simone, Zack, Julia, Carter and Sophie.
Thanks to my Cousins we now have a working, new lap top. My Cousin Pat fixed our lap top while Cousin Liz watched the kids, Rick cooked dinner and while I had our handy password note book handy ;) So happy that they were willing to help us on their vacation!!

I am SO excited because I have just uploaded over 900 photos from this summer!!!!!!!!!! What a great summer we have had! So here are a few photos of us with them for now. We are going to Court today to finalize Sophie's Adoption!!! Last bit of paperwork to do. (We do this so we can have a US Birthcertificate and finalize in the eyes of Washington State.)

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