Friday, August 14, 2009

ReAdoption Day/Finalization

Introducing Adoption Day!!

Today we went to court to Readopt/Finalize our Adoption. By doing this we will receive an American Birth Certificate for Sophie Wei. The last step for adoption paperwork that is usually done one year after your child has been home and has had a 6 month and 12 month post placement visit with the social worker.
I was a bit emotional after we walked out of the court room when a big family was walking in for their turn. There sat the security guards and my eyes started to tear up.....The paperwork journey is finished!!! We can move on.

What a big day!
Our Family!

Sophie Wei does not mind me taking so many photos, for the moment.

Me holding my Daughters and God Daughters!

One of my best friends Becca (Auntie), Sophie Wei and I.

Auntie Andrea gave Sophie this dress. She loves it.
We were waiting for our turn in the court room.

The Judge asked us if we wanted a photo and we did. He had a guide dog under his desk, who greeted us but was not suppose to. The Judge was so friendly.

Emma, Simone, Sara and Sophie Wei.
Fun Girls!

The four of us went to s special lunch at Beaches on the River.
Sophie wanted Simone to carry her ofcourse.

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