Saturday, August 22, 2009

Emmas 8th Birthday Party at the Beach

We were able to celebrate with Emma at her Beach Party for her 8th Birthday!! It was such a nice day!!! We were not expecting it to be so nice. We had such a great day!
Jake and Lauren. Avery below.

Sophie, Ellie and Simone.

Sara with Grandma Watson below. I love this photo!

The surf was pretty ruff so there was a lot of driftwood and logs coming in. We had to be very careful while the kids were putting their feet in the water.

Jenn, Becca and Scott climbing.
Wet and sandy girls.

Trying to get all of them looking at once makes for fun photos.
How did they get up there?
Sophie too??!!!?
Mom, I am a very brave girl.

Rachel and Katie fun girls to hang out with!!!!!!!!!!!!

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