Friday, August 21, 2009

Holly Wen's Birthday Day Party At Karate

We went to Holly Wen's 5th Birthday Party at her Karate Studio. It was so much fun. Our girls were crying at first and very shy but after watching how much fun everyone else was having they joined in. It also helped that they felt very comfortable with Tammy.

Sophie did great for her first time. She ducked, jumped and ran!

The object was to move around the area quickly with out running into the stick.
Go Sophie!!

Go Birthday Girl!!

Sophie working hard....she does it with some help!

Simone was soooooo good at going up and over with the ropes!! Sophie loving on Tammy.

Simone and Sophie, happy girls.

Kia won the jump contest. So cool!!
Holly Wen and her Daddy.

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Tracy Ann said...

What a great Birthday Party! Looks like a fun time.