Saturday, November 07, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Mom

As soon as we got to the hospital
Simone and Sophie crawled up on the bed to give my Mom a big hug. I was surprised because I thought they would be a bit scared.
Simone and Sophie Wei with their Grandma.
My Mom was a bit cold so she kept moving her blanket to get warm.
Sophie Wei and her Daddy picked out two ballons for Grandma's Birthday (a Hello Kitty one and a I Love You one.)

Simone is all about hearing about the surgery and asking questions! Here my Mom is explaining the staples, 21 of them!

Checking things out.

Me, Sophie Wei, Simone and My Mom....I am bummed this photo is not the best but the hospital is not really the place for good photos.
More of the machine to keep my Mom's knee moving so it will not get stiff.
My Mom really needed her rest so we had to go home.
Here Sophie Wei being silly as we leave...
so silly I had to catch a few photos but what is new?

As we leave the girls give Grandma another big hug!!!
Get better soon

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