Saturday, November 07, 2009

Kai Lan Dino Dream Doll

Fun gift idea for Christmas!
Sophie with her beloved Kai Lan Dream Doll!
I highly recommend this doll for any little one that likes Kai Lan!! There are very few things that Sophie is attached to and loves this Kai Lan Dream Doll!!

Here is a link to a video of Sophie singing with her Kai Lan Doll.

It was a 4th Birthday gift for her this summer. It was purchased from Target.

Shhh, don't tell Sophie that we purchased Hoho which sings good night themes as well (Kai Lan's little friend and I could not find it on line yet so I purchased it at Target for her Christmas Present!)

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Stefanie has put together a great list with others contributing as well.


Stefanie said...

Now THAT is cute! My girls get so excited when the see the Kai Lan stuff at Target!!
Great idea, Michele :)

Tracy Ann said...

Love it, I need to get one.

Team Houston said...


Or TWO ;)