Sunday, April 20, 2008


Here are two photos of Matthew and Simone in the Jungle at my school. The Jungle is a fitness obstacle course with a Jungle Theme. Besides being a GREAT work out for the children they love bringing in their stuffed animals and listen to Jungle Music while working out!
It is one of the most favorite units for me to do and pretty high up on my students list. I am so thankful for all of my friends and parent volunteers that have helped me these last ten days to set up, run and take down the jungle. Much appreciated and I could not do it with out you!

I also just finished Jump Rope for Heart so all students that chose to raise funds and raised $75.00 or more had "Lunch in the Jungle" with me for five days straight. It was fun to for them and I.

Here is Simone, Sara and Emma in the pool enjoying the stuffed animals. I did not have my camera but Hol, Kingsley, Simone Anne, and Reese were also able to make it to the jungle this year with us.

I have been sick recently, had many pieces of adoption paper work to fill out, had my two busiest weeks in teaching back to back and backed up on house work. I am still not feeling "back to normal", my throat still is sore and I am not sure why. I just think I am stressing too much. So I think I am going to take a couple of my friends up on offers to help because I feel like we have SO much to do before Sophie comes! So Roxi if you are reading this I will be emailing you.

Not that I am complaining too much working on the adoption paper work is great but very overwhelming on top of every thing else.

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