Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yesterday as Simone and I went to the UPS Store we ran into one of my students Katelyn and her Mom Julie. It was such a NICE surprise as I use to see Katelyn every day and now I don't. Simone fell asleep in the car so she was sleeping in my arms while we visited in the UPS store and then out in the parking lot.

On our way to the book store Simone said to me, "Mommy what happened to top of that car?" I looked over and it was a convertible. I told her that some people like to drive with no top on their car because it is fun in the summer time.

Then Simone said, "but where is the top of their car?" I just laughed!

Then we ran into the book store to pick up a book I just ordered called Siblings Without Rivalry. Can't wait to get started. Then we ran into Target real quick to purchase a cloth patio table cloth and some method floor wash. They had the floor wash stuff but ALL OUT OF table cloths, already!!???!! It is the first of JULY!!!!

I had a great time last night visiting with my friends while talking and working some on my scrapbook's. I finished a gift I had started a while ago and finished two pages for Simone's Halloween Book (all I have to do is journal.) I picked out my photos for our family Christmas book but did not start on it so I could just visit the last hour of the night. It was SO good to get out and visit with friends!! Thanks girls I had a blast!!! Love ya!


Roxanne Kristina said...

Wish I could have run into you too! Cuz you're cool!


Eric & Marsha Joss & Girls said...

Michelle, Bruce B sent us the CNN link to view the completion of your adoption of Sophie! We are thrilled for your family! You are still our #1 PE Teacher...even though we are 1200 miles away! Marsha Joss (mom of former student Cassidy, Aunt of William & Riley Burton)