Saturday, July 12, 2008

Simone Has A New Adorable Big Girl Bed

This is the look on our big girls face this evening after she and her Daddy put together her new big girl bed!!!!!!!!!!! She is so HAPPY and LOVES IT!!
Rick told Simone to stand her because her job was to help put the boards in for support.
OK, now help me lift the box spring into place.
Now the mattress.
There. Sophie Wei is supervising from the side line.
OK, Now we both want to jump on it!
Thanks to Melissa, Brian, Karly, Miles and Miranda, the girls have these new adorable summer dresses!! Thanks you guys.
Snuggling in a messy bed.
I am not sure what all the fuss is about over this new bed!! This toy Whale is so much more interesting!
We are still working on organizing the layout of the their room. You can see above that we have Sophie Wei's crib right next to Simone's bed so she does not fall off and so we or Simone can be close to Sophie Wei.

This bed is special because it comes from one of my students, Hannah. My friend Tami, her Mom, called me early this week to see if I was interested. I am so glad she did because they are having a garage sale soon and we could of missed out.
The girls being silly before bed time.
Simone resting on her chair in their room.
Ah, please do not jump off of the toy box!! And who said Girls were not adventurous??

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Tami said...

Awww!!!! She looks so happy and sounded happy on the phone too!!! We are so glad she likes it!