Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girls Night

I am SO excited to be going to one of the local scrap book shops to hang with my girl friends tonight!!! Thanks to my friend Andrea M. who always organizes it.

Since I am using blogger as my scrap book now I will still be working on our 8x8 Christmas Book and Simone's Halloween Book.

For our Christmas Book I use four pages. One page has our Christmas Card on it while the others have a picture of Simone with Santa (soon to be Sophie Wei too) and traditions that we do every year along with a short narrative description of the season.

For Simone's Halloween Book I do two pages for every year. I put on there a picture of her with her Halloween Costume, a family photo and one other fun photo along with a short narrative description of the day or days leading up. I can't wait to make Sophie Wei's book this year.


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