Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bike Ride Today

Today we went for a family bike ride along the Columbia River. It was Rick's idea and we had a blast!!!!!!!

Simone rode behind Rick in the bike trailer and Sophie Wei rode behind me on my bike in the Toddler Seat Carrier thing. Sophie Wei tried to get "out" of the seat a few times but finally settled in. Simone actually like the bike trailer for the first time so we are thankful for that. I think it helped that we talked about it all morning and she helped Rick fix the tires and load up the truck this morning.

I forgot my camera but I still have to write about it so we don't forget about this special day. We found a cool hang out. I can't wait to go back and hang longer.......we need to bring a couple of buckets, the camera and a shovel next time.

During our bike ride we went down a pathway down to the Columbia River and it was so much fun! It was so sunny, around 93 outside with a breeze.

Sophie Wei would look at the sand on her fingers and rub them together and then brush it off. It was so special to watch her curiosity. She put her feet in the water a few times but preferred not to. She also enjoyed throwing rocks into the river and watching the planes take off from the airport on the other side. Seeing her experience things for the first time or new things is a breath of fresh air.

Simone enjoyed throwing BIG rocks and barring her feet in the sand. She also enjoyed making mud pies and did not want to go home.

We also had such a great view of Mt. Hood, "Mounttainn Hood" as Simone would say it.

It was such a great day, just enjoying every moment, every blessing! We are so lucky to live in such a great area with so much to do.

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